A website is a great marketing tool to showcase about your company, product and services. The best way of designing a website is to find a company that knows in and out of designing & development of website.

As per the recent trends WordPress platform is more suitable to create an informative, blog kind of websites. The main advantages of using a wordpress website is listed as under:

Advantages of WordPress Website

The main advantage of using a wordpress website will be due to its vast availability of plugins and features. There are lot of plugins available just to edit the content of the website by yourself. This feature has made wordpress websites more user friendly as per developing a website is concerned. We have listed few other advantages as below:

  • User friendly platform

  • Responsive layouts

  • SEO friendly themes

  • Open source platform

  • Awesome designs

As stated above wordpress website designing have a lot of pre-built themes that are responsive, seo friendly and suitable to customize as per your need. During our many years of experience we have seen the web technology is growing in bangalore and other parts of India. In theses changes one thing in inevitable that those customers who moved to the latest technology were the game changers in market.

Bangalore being an IT hub of India, wordpress website designing was trending from the early stages of its launch. Bangalore companies have adopted to these changes and came way ahead in developing many useful wordpress themes & plugins that are well appreciated by clients in India & abroad.

Disadvantages of WordPress Designing

As we have stated the advantages of using a wordpress websites it will be not fair if we leave the disadvantages.
The main disadvantage of using a wordpress website will be the downloading speed of websites. In India there are many places where we still have a poor or no internet connectivity. And a wordpress website uses many css & javascript files that are used to make the website look awesome. So it becomes a hectic job for a developer to optimize the speed of a wordpress website.

But there is a workaround, as you can select a theme that has a better downloading speed and uses the best practices for developing a website. Or you can develop a website from scratch but it will not be cost effective. So using a speed friendly theme is more suitable. Website developing company plays a huge role in suggesting the best website theme for their client.